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ConnectOcean Consultancy - Social Entrepreneur & CSR consultancy for corporates and philanthropists
ConnectOcean Consultancy works for small and large organisations in North- and Central America, South East Asia and the Middle East, supporting grassroots concepts and Not-for-profit organisations (NGOs) and their environmental, educational and human capacity building projects. We provide custom tailored solutions for corporations and philanthropists worldwide.

Our objective is to enable our clients to recognise challenges and opportunities and to help them implement these into their corporate strategy and vision. We support innovation and sustainable business practices through advisory services and social responsibly thought leadership.

ConnectOcean Consultancy expertise

ConnectOcean Consultancy focuses on the triple bottom line (3BL) and applies a holistic approach when developing services, products and solutions, based on sustainable development practices founded on social and environmental entrepreneurship.
We specialise in:
  • Developing and managing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs
  • CSR stakeholder management
  • Corporate sponsorship strategy
  • Social enterprise development
  • Measuring social & environmental impact
  • Social communication strategy
  • Cross cultural exchange
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ConnectOcean Consultancy frees their clients to focus on their core business and vision while developing a social and ethical corporate climate and structure.
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The impact and effectiveness of our clients actions stand at the focal point of our management plans for their projects. We build our decisions on a few simple guidelines:
  • Create a vision that’s in line with what you realistically can achieve
  • Create partnerships with honesty and respect
  • Meet needs where they are truly needed
  • Create solutions that make a difference and amplify success
  • Transform challenges into progress
  • Put your performance into perspective when measuring your results
Ask for our experts to call you back for an obligation-free consultation or email us for any inquiries.

Americas & Middle East

Ernst Van der Poll
Chief Executive Officer
Guanacaste, Costa Rica
WhatsApp: +506 8575 9418
Skype: ernst.van.der.poll

Asia Pacific & Europe

Eric Madeja
Executive Director Asia-Pacific
Sabah, Malaysia
WhatsApp: +60128382272
Skype: eric_madeja