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Our expeditions are meant to be a call to action for ordinary citizen who believe that every one of us can contribute to the conservation of our beautiful planet’s natural resources. Through the ConnectOcean Citizen Science & Outreach Expeditions, we aim to inspire and create a life transforming experience to help you discover, connect and protect our planet.
You will explore some of nature’s most diverse and scenic locations while collaborating with passionate and committed local researchers, naturalists, activists and marine scientists on a broad range of citizen science initiatives. You will also be immersed in a local community and grass root conservation projects. We work in collaboration with local communities to cultivate environmental awareness and interest within the youth of these communities in preserving the marine environment and it’s resources.

Join us for an Expedition that will transform you. Join us to discover, connect and to protect…and to become a positive advocate for change!
I love the fact that ConnectOcean offers more than just worldclass scuba diving. Getting to know and helping local communities, learning about marine conservation, and being part of a worldwide Citizen Scientist community is what makes their expeditions clearly stand out from others.
Ywan Carraz - Owner SY Raja Laut
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ConnectOcean Citizen Science & Outreach Expeditions

Your participation in ConnectOcean Citizen Science and Outreach Expeditions will help support community projects and you will get the opportunity to work side by side with local activists and research institutions. You will acquire new learning and skills and a deeper understanding of the diverse ecosystems and plethora of marine life found in some of the most biodiverse regions of this planet.
During the expedition you will be able to:
  • Visit some of the most spectacular seascapes on this planet
  • Scuba Dive and Snorkel worldclass dive sites
  • Practice underwater photography
  • Have amazing wildlife encounters
  • Learn about the marine ecosystem and its inhabitants
  • Work alongside Researchers, Educators, Scientists and Activists
  • Collect important scientific data for research institutions and NGO’s
  • Get immersed in the local culture
  • Practice trans-cultural dialogue and exchange
  • Participate in community outreach initiatives
  • Rely on professional and experienced expedition leaders
  • Become an advocate of positive change
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Our expeditions recognise that knowledge about nature is vital, but we believe that passion is the long distance fuel for the struggle to save our natural heritage. Passion does not get delivered through the Internet, reading a magazine or watching television.

2016 Expeditions

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  • Citizen Science Expedition forgotten islands indonesia liveaboard
  • Citizen Science Expedition forgotten islands indonesia liveaboard
  • Citizen Science Expedition forgotten islands indonesia liveaboard
  • Citizen Science Expedition forgotten islands indonesia liveaboard
  • Citizen Science Expedition forgotten islands indonesia liveaboard
  • Citizen Science Expedition forgotten islands indonesia liveaboard
  • Citizen Science Expedition forgotten islands indonesia liveaboard
brochure Citizen Science Expedition forgotten islands indonesia liveaboard

2017 Expeditions (Coming Soon)

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Americas & Middle East

Ernst Van der Poll
Chief Executive Officer
Guanacaste, Costa Rica
WhatsApp: +506 8575 9418
Skype: ernst.van.der.poll

Asia Pacific & Europe

Eric Madeja
Executive Director Asia-Pacific
Sabah, Malaysia
WhatsApp: +60128382272
Skype: eric_madeja